Questions about the Fiat 500

Post specific questions on the 500 here. Now I can't guarantee we'll get all the answers, but having a centralized location will help and I'll do my best to get or direct you to where you can go for answers.

Please keep this constructive and on topic (and have patience;).
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Fiat feedback by Fiat500USA
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What do/will you use to clean the cloth seats? by PE#454
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by noraaustin72
Fog Lights? by Tuschay425
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by Front fogs fiat 500
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Fiat 500 by Monika Luedtke
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Let's Take a Deep Breath by sjmst
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Fiat 500 Conrods US $196.50 by RitasRacing
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Crack in windshield by PE#454
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by Bruce in CA
500 wheel bolt pattern by fiatdad
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Re: .post_title Overflow Issue by sanam
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by sanam
Panic/Alarm Key by Diane
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by Fiat500USA
Rear head restraints by Brokersaurus
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by Fiat500USA
2014 Fiat 500L Windshield by Nina Castiglione
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by Fiat500USA
Eco Drive by Thad
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by kate
Bluetooth Source by John Reid
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by Fiat500USA
I need brochures for car shows when people ask... by Mike S
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by bestfriend
Alarm set /horn beep by Thad
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by Thad
Bluetooth by John Reid
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by direksiyon
ground clearance by trinME
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by shaaneson
In Canada, the fiat 500 just launched and promises 55 mpg - whats going on here?? by Brummy
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by maryyou AC died. by 5*(10)^2
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by fatpig
Front plate mount by Thad
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by Michaeljohn
FIAT PE owners video is online by Giallo Edizione
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by Smithlife
500C by Gavin
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by csluyuan
Cost by John Reid
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by csluyuan
PE Spare Tire by FiatDude
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by Mr500
Fuel question by PE#454
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by Mr500
Convenience/Comfort Pkg a Good Deal on Sport by Terry
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by Buz
reliability ? by bloglo
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by davespet
Carrying a bike by cogtooth
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by Andres
Picking up my Prima Edizione by rbrf2
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Update from So. Calif. by AgentP
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by hgolightly
Come on Fiat...Abarth NOW!!! by Fidgell
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by yingxuy
Picked up my PE and some tips for all. by 5*(10)^2
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by Miguel Angel Melero