Fuel Economy

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I've created a new category where we can talk about fuel economy related topics such as eco:Drive (the Fiat App that helps you analyze the way you drive to maximize your fuel economy). Have at it! 0 0
by Fiat500USA
So I've been reading up on the 28 city/37 highway MPG figures for the American Fiat 500. Looking at other cars in its class (like Mini's 29/37) and early speculation of 40+ MPG with Multi-Air technology, I wanted to start a discussion on these figures. What does everyone think? 6 65
by konglong
The EPA automatic transmission mileage is 3 to 4 mpg less than the manual transmission version even though the manual is 5 speed and the automatic is 6 speed. I reviewed the EPA stats for other cars and the latest technology automatics are within 1 mpg of the manual trans version and some are 1 ... 1 8
by ciddyguy